Odessa Lawn Pest Control Company

When pests on your property are ruining your lawn and serving as a general annoyance, then it’s time to call in a tried-and-true Odessa lawn pest control company. Here at Eternal Tree & Landscaping Services, we are highly trained in all areas of lawn care and landscaping, which includes managing pests and disease within your lawn.

Pests like grubs, chinch bugs and a variety of worms are capable of destroying your lawn. They will ruin your grass and its root system to leave you with large brown patches that look unsightly. Unless you know how to address these stubborn pests, they’re not going away. That’s why a professional lawn pest control company in Odessa TX is in order.

At ETL Midland, we offer a full range of lawn care and maintenance services. This includes fertilization, weed remediation and pest control measures. We work to eliminate all the things that can harm your grass and hurt the curb appeal of your lawn.


Why work with our Odessa lawn pest control company?

If you suspect a pest problem on your property, turning to ETL Midland as your lawn pest control company in Odessa TX means you will be left with:

  • A great looking lawn. This is not easy to achieve, which is why a great lawn can add both curb appeal and monetary value to your property. By evicting pests from your lawn, we’re able to help it grow lush, green and healthy.

  • Peace of mind that you won’t be bothered. Some pests can be disease-carrying and an annoyance to people. Through our service, you can reclaim your outdoor spaces.

  • Professional help from qualified staff members. At ETL Midland, our crews are licensed by the state’s department of agriculture to apply pesticides and herbicides. We have powerful solutions that will prove more than effective.

From designing and installing a landscape for your property to trimming or removing trees, ETL Midland is a one-stop shop for all your lawn, landscaping and tree needs.

Connect with our team right now. We’d love to talk to you more about what we have to offer as your Odessa lawn pest control company.