Midland Sod Installation Services

Bring a lush, healthy lawn to your property immediately by exploring our Midland sod installation services. We are Eternal Tree & Landscaping Services, and our experienced staff handles all of the tasks associated with creating a beautiful, functional outdoor space on your residential or commercial property.

From fighting weeds and removing trees to our sod installation services in Midland TX, we are highly skilled in creating lawns and landscapes that blend in with the surrounding environment and are also inherently able to weather the harsh climate that we get here in the Midland area.


Experience the benefits of our Midland sod installation services 

When it comes to creating a lawn from scratch, the debate has long raged on about whether to seed your lawn or install sod. For over 30 years, we have worked with our clients to bring lush, healthy turf to their properties. We’ve done that through our sod installation services in Midland TX.

The benefits of installing sod are undeniable, including:

  • Get results right away. When you seed your lawn, not only do you have to wait a long time for it to grow, but you also have to hope and pray that nothing happens to it during the process. With our Midland sod installation services, we install your sod and you have a mature lawn right away.

  • This is also a way to provide you with a denser lawn that you don’t have to water as extensively. This means less maintenance for your lawn — maintenance that we can take care of on your behalf, if you so choose.

  • Finding the right sod to fit your property. At ETL Midland, we’ll talk to you about the different grass types and help you select one that will not only look the best for your property, but that will last and thrive under the weather conditions.

Having nice, dense, lush turf on your property is one way to bring beauty and value to it. We’re ready to help you do that with our Midland sod installation services. Connect with our team at ETL Midland right now and request your free estimate.